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High Seas on the Barents Sea

18 August, 2009 (12:10) | General, Marine, Seismic | By: Wysard

High Seas on the Barents Sea

As I sit in my State Room / Office rolling around on 5 meter seas wondering what I’m doing here I am reminded by an unexpected bill clearing my bank account that there really is a reason.  Call it the never ending battle, but those bills need paying.  I honestly didn’t know though, that the Barents Sea actually got this rough.  Sure I’ve heard how rough the North Sea is but I’m a good distance from it; north of the Arctic Circle in fact.  Yes, the picture is one of the ‘Midnight Sun’, photographed the day before sunset.  I guess one nice thing about rolling around is that it’s always daylight and one can see the reason for falling all over when one looks out the portholes.

It is crew change day, and yes the crew hasn’t changed, nor will it today – maybe tomorrow.  Seas are supposed to be heading down.  That is if you believe the forecasters who said it would be over by now.  It is just a matter of whether the Seismic Gods will cooperate.  Let us all send them a note that the crew wishes to change and to make the seas better: 71.47º N / 22.83º E.

Interesting too, actually – it is the end of the survey and the beginning of the next.  Maybe the crew is grateful they do not have to do the re-configure.  We are going from 10 streamers to 8, 50 meter separations to 100 meter separations.

Norway is a really beautiful country with the Fjords, mountains, and water.  I started this adventure by flying over the Alps then into Norway.  Four flights all together to get to a small town in the north called Hammerfest.  I thought it was an interesting little town, very well settled by the sea, and picturesque.  See for some pictures of the trip.

Maybe I should feel mostly for the chase boat and crew, I see them every now and then … between the waves.

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