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Passing the Time

4 August, 2008 (06:22) | General, Land, Marine, Seismic | By: Wysard

Passing the Time

One thing I’ve noticed when I’m away from home working is the different way I pass the time.  After the days’ work I usually relax and watch a movie.  Working on a seismic vessel has it way over land jobs in that respect — they usually have a good supply of movies.  (Wait — I said good supply, not necessarily good movies).

Another way is reading, which is really a better way to spend the time I suppose.  I usually bring my magazines, and not read them at home.  That’s good for a few days at least.  Then I leave them on the boat for others to read if they want.  I sometimes bring paperbacks too that I’ve picked up cheap and leave them as well.  Once again the vessels are better for the books because they usually have a fair library.  Magazines work well for land jobs too, they get pretty ratted up after the whole crew has read them several times each.

Exercise is something I’m guessing more people do when they are on the job than when they are home.  Usually there is exercise equipment which most people don’t have the room for or can’t afford.  Some have a sign-up sheet for how long they have used the equipment for exercise.  I usually just walk around and up and down stairs or hills, whichever may be available (Hmm… I do that at home too).

Then there is the work, let’s leave that for another day.

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